PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET 30oz & 40oz Glass Soda Syphons------------------------------------------

The Soda syphon itself is unique in that it is built from a much thicker glass than other glass bottles in the soft drinks industry. These bottles are designed to withstand a much larger amount of pressure than any other soft drink bottle once filled with its product.The soda syphon is a glass vase that is fitted with a dispense head which is operated with a lever on the side. Once this lever is pressed the product is released using the pressure obtained from inside the bottle.

Soda water is a mixture of Water, Carbon Dioxide and Sodium Bicarbonate and is filled into a soda syphon bottle at a pressure of 150psi.The process first involves the filtered water being chilled to a temperature of between 6 – 8 °c to ensure that the C02 (Carbon Dioxide) is absorbed into the water. This temperature is achieved by using an industrial water chiller and the colder the water gets the more C02 will be forced into to the product during the carbonation process.Finally before the chilled water is passed into the carbonator the sodium bicarbonate is added. The product is now passed through a carbonator, which allows the C02 to mix with the water and sodium bicarbonate. The soda water once carbonated is pumped into the soda syphon filling machine where each bottle in turn is filled and given a final C02 head pressure. Each refilled soda syphon bottle is now carrying an internal pressure of 120psi.

Unlike any other soft drink product the soda syphon is its own self-contained drinks dispenser, working from the C02 pressure contained inside its vase. Once the lever is pressed the soda water inside the syphon is dispensed through the nozzle.The C02 pressure contained inside the vase will dispense the soda water in most ambient temperatures until the syphon is empty of the product.

To achieve maximum carbonation (fizz) from a soda syphon it is strongly advised that the bottle is stored in a refrigerator or cooler. This is because the product needs to be cold to allow the C02 to absorb into the soda water before being dispensed. By following this advice you are allowing the product to absorb the maximum amount of C02 contained in the bottle.If soda water is dispensed with the product at room temperature then a low carbonation is achieved in the drink. This loss of carbonation occurs because the soda water is not cold enough for the C02 to absorb and therefore carbonation is lost when the product is dispensed into a glass.However if the soda syphon is used on a bar as a mix for whisky it is advisable not to chill the bottle as too much carbonation may be achieved for its purpose.

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